Fun Face Painting


Hi, I’m Tara!

You might have seen me painting, you might have been painted by me. Either way you looked me up and wanted to visit my website. AWESOME!

I offer face painting for children and adults in Erie, PA and surrounding areas. I have combined my degree in art and my love of children to provide wonderful art that people can wear! You will find fun photos my face painting work in the Gallery.

I use professional face and body paints like Snazaroo and TAG, the highest quality that come off easily with soap and water but stays bright on all skin tones.. They are FDA approved, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic.
Whoever you choose to face paint at your event PLEASE find someone who uses FDA approved paints that are safe for skin! Just because it says NON TOXIC does not mean it should be used on the skin. Acrylic paints should never, EVER be used on skin (even watered down) as it can cause permanent damage!


Please feel free to contact me for availability and a price quote to make any birthday party, Halloween party, school fair, picnic, church event, books festival, fundraising gathering, or other social happening MEMORABLE!